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For the love of autumn

*A collaborative styled shoot brought to you by Deer’s Photography, Atelier Bloom Bloom and Flori de Menta  *
Getting the chance to work closely with people sharing the same passion can bring so much joy! Our first project together was Floriana and Vlad’s wedding back in July, and it was such a rewarding experience that we decided once was not going to be enough. Moreover, we found common ground in our shared love for autumn’s amazing soft light and unbelievable colours. That is why, fast-forward one sunny day in November, we got together again and imagined a visual story to match nature’s palette of gold, copper, scarlet and deep burgundy. Today we’re only sharing a part of this adventure, there’s a lot more to come. We really do hope it pleases your eyes and ignites your imagination.
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Images by Deer’s Photography

Florals by Atelier Bloom Bloom

Food by Flori de Menta

Model – Floriana

Wardrobe, hair and makeup – Floriana

Props & styling – everyone involved

Calligraphy quotes – a fragment from Katherine Mansfield’s Journal and Tyler Knott Gregson’s poem “Once”

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