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Octobria by Atelier Bloom Bloom

If you know anything about us, then you know we could not stay away from this experience. One sunny autumn day, golden fields and berry shrubs, our favourite venue, mouthwatering food and, above all, FLOWERS! We joined Laura and Andreea of Atelier Bloom Bloom and their attendees for the Octobria floral retreat, at The Wedding House. And then we let ourselves immersed into wonderful colours, bird chirping, wind and sun on our faces and a lot of fun watching this group of talented ladies creating beauty.

Octobria Workshop, designed and produced by @atelierbloombloom; Photography: @deersphotos; Venue:; Table styling and props: @atelierbloombloom; Food: @floriana_floridementa; Calligraphy: @binescris

Attendees: Alexandra Blaga, Andreea-Silvia Anghel, Claudia Netejoru, Cristina Dumitrache, Denisa Mircescu, Floriana Baltagi, Irina Petrache, Iulia Iacob, Iustina Blăgoi, Marina Lupu, Mihaela Leonte, Roxana Sima, Sorina Macsim, Valentina and Daria Popescu.

Thank you, girls!

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